End of Odem Mortis Mod-Pack (OMC)
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Autor: SchrottiGER [ Mo 6. Mär 2017, 13:35 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: End of Odem Mortis Mod-Pack (OMC)


"Due to changed to WoT and Mods that are slowly becoming part of the game OMC is closing its doors to the WoT Modpack.
The 9.17.1 update is the final with all available mods updated including XVM."

This is really a bomb that bursts ....

OdemMortis has a long time offered its Mod-Pack collection. Some custom mods and also from other modders.
They were always trying to provide you with an update when "WG" once again introduced new bugs, which they still call "update" or "patch".

Since 30th March 2013 this mod pack has been expanding steadily. Great performance, including all modders in the background. And also a well known strong Player group what will have maybe the biggest Member-Base.

Its bad to see that the inner circle of Grumelhumpf, Yashara and Mighunter stop their great work, and also that the last 2 complete stop playing WoT. All Modders get my full respect for their 4-years hard and lovefull work on that project, especially the 3 Masterheads.

Maybe another former OMC-Member will build his new Pack what us all will remind on the good old OMC-Pack times ;)

Since I am myself an ex-modder and ex-supertester (EU-ws), I know how much work and love is in every single mod.
Also Aslain has been there since end of 2012, and has also offered his reliable mod pack.
In contrast to OM, he had to do a lot on his own, but he could also hope for his Modder friends in the background who gave him updates & support of their mods (mostly).

There are many other mod packs in the meantime, some even with illegal "tools", but at Aslains mod pack I was myself involved and can confirm here:
- There are only legally mods,
- fast loading times,
- fast support (if a mod was not running properly) and
- continuity, as is the case with OM.

I can confirm that the Aslain mod pack is a good alternative for former OM fans.
But, there are very much Mod-packs out side these days...choose wisly...

Have fun & enjoy in the game

Grumpelumpf #7589
Posted 06 January 2017 - 07:12 PM

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Dear Community,

after a long deliberation and a heavy heart, we will probably end the project OMC ModPack as of 31.03.2017 (if WG brings a new patch in the month, we would not adapt it already).

It is no longer possible for me to have the time and commitment required to continue the project as it is. In addition, you will be more insulted and hostile if you create something for the community than if you do nothing.
A smaller OMC ModPack is also excluded, since it would also no longer be the "OMC Project".

A heartfelt thanks goes to:
Yasharah and MigHunter for the years of intensive work on this project. Without these two the extent of growth would not have been possible
CrazzyIvan, der_kleine_fips, dirty20067 and Willster419 for the support in recent months
GlenMP for the provision and organization of the infrastructure
Drimacus and Technowolf for customizing the server and web pages for the project
the users who helped with problems and supported with bug hunting

Grumpelumpf ... ry13648756

Info-List: ... ry13932453 ... ry10806767 ... m/#topmost

Autor: SchrottiGER [ Fr 24. Mär 2017, 17:28 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: Re: End of Odem Mortis Mod-Pack (OMC)


Good news for all OMC ModPack User.
Willster419 (member of the OMC ModPack Team) will continue the ModPack project, with a slightly different, but better and faster Installer Client.

New project name is: RelHax (Look here)
I wish him the best and I hope that many OMC users will continue to trust him in the future.

*hope this is not a real Hacks Pack :D

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