WoWs:Schrotti (+Aslain)-Mod-Pack support is currently frozen
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Autor: SchrottiGER [ Di 28. Feb 2017, 10:51 ]
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WoWs,Schrotti (+Aslain)-Mod-Pack support is currently frozen
- Latest news (2015) -


Hello everybody,

I am sorry to announce that I need to cease support for Project: "WoWs-Mod-Packs" due to several private incidents.

You will still be able to use the TS- & InGame (legal) software, Mods, Skins as-is, as I am won't shut down the servers, but the development as well as the support is (currently) frozen.

I don't want to say goodbye forever, but I cannot tell when I will continue development in WoWs/WOT-Mods, Mod- & game Support.
Right now it's way more important for me to sort out some private issues.
I want to say thank you for both your support and your loyalty for years since 2009/2010 till 2015/2016 and I hope to see you again, when I am maybe able to return to new Projects at WoWs/WoT.
SchrottiGER - Timo

Some Links from Google about my spread over the whole Wold from Asia, US, Australia, Russia, EU, Africa....

1) A "Special" like my every year x-mas Mod-Packs in WoT & WoWs I created also the "Halloween-Mod-Packs".

I was ever the first who created such in a "Years Special Event" and others get the idea and start their own good creations. Or - in some bad cases, others steal my content and rebuild it to "their own" creation ....
But at the end, the Community have get a good choice to choose one of the Mod-packs to have more fun with Event-Graphics to this special Year-time and have let us all celebrate a real nice Community-Event: ... -for-wows/

2) "Cafe Sehrohrtiefe" - My Wows-Mod-Page at WoWs Forum: ... rtiefe-wg/


3) On "Reddit" (only friends can see all entrys):


4) (my Mods and updated Mods from others by me at Aslains-Mod-Pack (2011-2016) / Thanks "Aslain" aka Tom)
a) ... e__st__960
b) ... s-modpack/
c1) ... ge__st__80
c2) ... e__st__140

5) deleted Forum (1998 - 2015) with 2 Clans (White-Tigers-Germany (WoT)/Renegades (WoWs/WoT)

6) Supported Pages:

c) (your adress here ? Contact me)

Sure I have build much WoT-Mods too or help other Modders to create new, update old Mods -
- The engine is the same at WoWs and WoT
- only the direct Vehicle Datas and pathes are diffrent
- ...and some UI-Datas are diffrent,
This means only the modable-Area...So it will be a interesting "Job" to create new Mods.

Only bad side on this Hobby is ever that WG have no clear lists what is allowed and what not.
Is a "Aim-Assistant" to HELP aiming with some lines on the ground allowed, or should it be an illegal "little helper" as the fking Aimbot "Shaytan" in WoT or "Warpack" in WoWs for example....

"[OM]Grummel" (ex-CC of WoT) said:
Stop all mods and let all play with the same vanilla Client. Stop Modding or changing Client-Files.All should have same Client Datas or Game should not start at all !

OK...let this hit the ground....
Why WG doesnt do any against illegal Mods, or even dont implement a strong Anti-Cheat or do it as "Amoured Warfare" who dont allow changes on their Game-Client (game dont start)?
Fear them to loose Players and money ? Maybe... they will have a reason, what maybe not fit with the hope of the Playerbase...
I allways stand for CLEAN and legal Mods and this was a great (unpaid) Job for the Community and WG.
Dont want miss the time as I have Modding some for this Communitys from 2010-2015 ;)

Have fun all
Bild Bild Bild

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