WoWs:Schrotti (+Aslain)-Mod-Pack support is currently frozen
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Autor: SchrottiGER [ Di 28. Feb 2017, 10:51 ]
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WoT & WoWs SchrottiGER┬┤s-Mod-Pack support is currently frozen
...this include my work as one of the master Modeers of Aslains-Mod-Pack at WoT & WoWs

- Latest news (2015) - Hello everybody,

I am sorry to announce that I need to cease support for my modding Projects: "WoWs-Mod-Packs" due to several private incidents.

Some may know my second start after a 1st break and deleteing all of my contents in Forums and media-Fire for my Mods in "Cafe Sehrohrtiefe". Then i announce "SchrottiGERs Schrottplatz

You will still be able to use the TS- & InGame (legal) software, Mods, Skins as-is, as I am won't shut down the servers, but the development as well as the support is (currently) frozen. Maybe check out this page (also with fking cheats sry): .

I don't want to say goodbye forever, but I cannot tell when I will continue development in WoWs/WOT-Mods, Mod- & game Support. As a Supertester at I have quitt my job there,- biggest problem is, that they dont do any (or enough) against the Botting with multibots and Cheats like from Pages like (PK-WOT or Plazmakeks and much much more...). Also the intrigant actions from cheating Supertesters like Nappelcommander, cloud and Kettengesicht at WoWs, and no support from the Devs to prevernt them (or kick them out of ST Crew what will be a normal way).

Right now it's way more important for me to sort out some private issues.
I want to say thank you for both your support and your loyalty for years since 2003/2008 till 2015/2016 and I hope to see you again, when I am maybe able to return to new Projects at WoWs/WoT.

Some Links from Google about my "spread-over-the-whole-Wold" from Asia, US, Australia, Russia, EU, can still found by searching "SchrottiGER" at the web. Maybe to find some of my pictures of my mods there too....

1) A "Special" like my every year x-mas Mod-Packs in WoT & WoWs I created also the "Halloween-Mod-Packs". Hope you have enjoy this free support and fun themes.
Bild Bild Bild

I was ever the first who created such in a "This Year Special Event" and others get the idea and start their own good creations. Or - in some bad cases, others steal my content and rebuild it to "their own" creation ....
But at the end, the Community have get a good choice to choose one of the Mod-packs to have more fun with Event-Graphics to this special Year-time and have let us all celebrate a real nice Community-Event: ... -for-wows/

2) "Cafe Sehrohrtiefe" - My closed Wows-Mod-Page at WoWs Forum: ... rtiefe-wg/


3) On "Reddit" (only friends can see all entrys):


4) (my Mods and updated Mods from others by me at Aslains-Mod-Pack (2011-2016) / Thanks "Aslain" aka Tom)
a) ... e__st__960
b) ... s-modpack/
c1) ... ge__st__80
c2) ... e__st__140

5) deleted Forum (1998 - 2015) with 2 Clans (White-Tigers-Germany (WoT)/Renegades (WoWs/WoT)

6) Supported Pages:

c) (your adress here ? Contact me)

Sure I have build much WoT-Mods too or help other Modders to create new, update old Mods -
- The engine is the same at WoWs and WoT
- only the direct Vehicle Datas and pathes are diffrent
- ...and some UI-Datas are diffrent,
This means only the modable-Area...So it will be a interesting "Job" to create new Mods.

Only bad side on this Hobby is ever that WG have no clear lists what is allowed and what not.
Is a "Aim-Assistant" to HELP aiming with some lines on the ground allowed, or should it be an illegal "little helper" as the fking Aimbot "Shaytan" in WoT or "Warpack" in WoWs for example....

"[OM]Grummel" (ex-CC of WoT) said:
Stop all mods and let all play with the same vanilla Client. Stop Modding or changing Client-Files.All should have same Client Datas or Game should not start at all !

OK...let this hit the ground....
Why WG doesnt do any against illegal Mods, or even dont implement a strong Anti-Cheat or do it as "Amoured Warfare" who dont allow changes on their Game-Client (game dont start)?
Fear them to loose Players and money ? Maybe... they will have a reason, what maybe not fit with the hope of the Playerbase...
I allways stand for CLEAN and legal Mods and this was a great (unpaid) Job for the Community and WG.
Dont want miss the time as I have Modding some for this Communitys from 2010-2015 ;)

....last project atm at War Thunder Skinning Test 9/2017:

Have fun all


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