"Comanders" ...and their Job
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Autor: SchrottiGER [ Di 14. Mär 2017, 18:35 ]
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"Commanders" - Part 1

At the Chinese Community Page you will found interesting information's about all Commanders.
Also you will found the best Place, where to set them and if you need them really or better kick them into the trash bin.

I am still working on a special Page at my Forum here with all the information and additional Information what you not will found at the Chinese Page. But, this need much time. At "Part 2" you will found the start of the Information later.

A good start will be at the Comanders Page in chinese language - let it translate and have a first look at the Info there:
Chinese/Japanese SO-Wiki-Page

More Info follows below.
have fun

Autor: SchrottiGER [ Sa 16. Sep 2017, 18:59 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: "Comanders" Part II (DD - Disguise & Scouting setup)

Commanders - Part II
DD - Disguise & Scouting setup Basic slots

The best Commanders for Disguise and Scouting are found early at the start of the game. Every Game-Starter get with his first Commander Packs "Felix Luckner" and "Arashi". These was the best Commanders for Disguise and Scouting. At one side is Luckner save your back with hiding you with additional 5+2% Disguise, and on other hand Arashi boost your view up with 500 meters additional scouting range.

Sure there more Commanders who have scouting or disgusie skills but these was the best choice for (example) DDs who have the job to scout the enemys. All other classes have other priorities and scouting is a secondary skill what they need. Here we have not to talk about the slots, where we will set theses Commanders, that you will find at our Member Tactic-Documentations.

Let us have a closer look into DISGUISE.....

Enhanced Disguise:
Enhanced Disguise is extremely useful for any ship, be it Destroyer or Battleship. In terms of crew, most crew that have Enhanced Disguise are clearly meant to operate as a Destroyer or submarine crew. However, there are several carrier crewmembers that also have it (since staying unspotted is super useful as a carrier). Don't let the low values here fool you- even 1 or 2 percent really adds up when you consider that camo paint knocks off 300m of enemy detection before disguise gets calculated.

+7% Felix Von Luckner(***) 400 Qual
+2% Yamamoto Yisoroku
+2% James Doolittle
+3% Stephen Beatty Lv10 (*****)
+2% Gordon Chung-Hoon Lv6
+2% Max Horton Lv8
+2% Mikasa Shotaro(***) Lv 3 400 Qual
+1% Thomas Kinkaid
+1% Gunther Prien
+1% Dudley Morton

In theory, you could have a base value of +15% disguise with 5 crewmembers. So with camo paint, an enemy with 6,000 spotting distance would need to get 855 meters closer to you to spot you. The actual detection distance would depend on your ship, but even on a big battleship being unspotted for 855 is significant.

NOTE: Felix Von Luckner gets +5% disguise (From 'Seahawk') right away, and only needs to get to *** in order to get the remaining +2% disguise.

After we have see the diffrent strengh of the Commanders in hiding your back,
...let us have a deeper view in SCOUTING...

Enhanced Radar (Basic Skill + ER I + ER II)

Enhanced Radar is one of the more useful abilities. Every ship benefits from being able to see better, because you cannot kill what you cannot see. Being able to out-spot the enemy is critical and is often the primary reason many matches result in one team utterly steamrolling another. While some ships are better at spotting than others, there are some sailors that are almost a no-brainer to take because they can contribute so much to the total. Stacking radar range is popular for Destroyers because they have a good natural hiding factor, allowing your effective spotting distance to be significant. Spotting contributes a great deal to the rest of your team, and you can be a valued asset by identifying an enemy ship at a critical moment.

These guys are also real money makers because spotting/assist damage really pays off in the long run. Like disguise, they tend to be pretty affordable to stack, though in the case of Enhanced Radar the quality of the bonus you get does generally seem to be proportional to the requirements. Enhanced Radar III, for example, is not going to be something you are going to get right out of the gate on a common sailor. But because most of the sailors that have Enhanced Radar are fairly easy to obtain, you can stack up quite a bit. Several offer other useful abilities like Disguise and bonus speed, making them excellent choices for a Destroyer or Cruiser.

Don't neglect stacking Enhanced Radar on cruisers; at higher tiers Cruisers get very good vision and having good scouting allows them to be extremely independent. If your team lacks Destroyers or the players are performing poorly, as long as you have decent detection you won't suffer as severely since you also have the firepower to really benefit from the detection.

Nakayama Arashi: Vision test results: 2000/20 vision.

+500m Nakayama Arashi Comms Specialist
+500m Kimura Kazuo Lv3 Comms Specialist
+450m Wolf Hoffenstein (****) Comms Specialist
+450m Arleigh Burke Lv8 Comms Specialist
+200 Reinhard Von Musel Lv6 (****)
+150 Arturo Riccardi Lv3 (***)
+150 Felix Von Luckner Lv10
+150 Kaspar Mass Lv8
+150 Bruce Fraser
+50m Kaspar Mass
(when he is upped to 5 stars, so that bumps it up to max 1200m radar from crew)

Obviously the biggest bonuses require the crew member to be in the Comms slot so you can only have one. With that factor in mind, it is possible to have up to +1,150m of additional detection on top of your ship's own radar performance. Combine it with +400 for rangefinder and 5,403 maximum normal radar and you could have a ship with 6,953m of detection, not even counting temporary buffs like Fleet Cruiser or State of War!

More info will follow below...

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